Monday, April 23, 2007

Step 1: Electric Lawnmower Project

I always liked this car, waiting at bus stops or wherever in Irvine CA I'd see these Porsche 914s, shiny, driving fast, noisy. Produced 1970-76. I liked the variety: each car has its own color and trim. You'd usually see the driver, because the top comes down and they're practically sitting on the road.

This car is a lot of fun to drive, but its days burning gasoline are limited. The air-cooled 85 horsepower engine and 16 gallon fuel tank are coming out, an electric motor and battery system are going in.

can I drive 35-40 miles to work?
is it still AWESOME to drive?
does it still sound like a LAWNMOWER?

The electric/battery system have more weight and more power. Will it be enough power to be AWESOME, still take corners, and get to work? Those are challenges. The key success metric is actually just this: does it sound good?

Step 1. Record soundtrack. (2 points)