Thursday, June 28, 2007

Re: Fuel hoses and clamps

Under the right rear of the car, above the heat-exchanger and hot-air supply ducting sits a Bosch fuel pump with three hose attachments (in, out, return). My 1974 Porsche 914 (the last year without a catalytic converter) has Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, uses 7mm inner-diameter hose, except for a special two-diameter hose which reduces the fuel supply line from 11mm to 7mm (at the fuel filter).

Because of the unusual OEM part, whoever last replaced the fuel hoses had changed everything around. There was a different tee in the return line, and two hose diameters. One of the return hoses was original, everything was badly deteriorated.

Parts needed: 3 feet 7mm fuel hose ($6/per), one OEM 99918002950 part ($30), 12 clamps ($1.50/per), 1 7mm tee (free), 1 new fuel filter ($36). Rich sold me the "high-quality", swedish-manufactured clamps (which don't pinch the rubber, but are really difficult to fit). Larry gave me the tee for free (Rich wasn't there, don't tell).

Remove the fuel pump first. This was made easier for me, because my car was missing its right-side flexible aluminum duct, which connects the hot-air supply to the exhaust-heat exchanger. Larry suggests finding an appropriately-sized cap (e.g., from a can of brake cleaner or hair spray) and clamp it on. Without this duct engine fumes can enter the cabin, he says.

Time estimate: 4-5 hours.

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