Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Re: Brakes!

To replace the front brakes: remove calipers and brake lines; remove hub grease caps, clamping nuts, nose washers, bearings, and brake discs; remove and clean piston retaining plates; align pistons and set the piston retaining plates; tap bearing tracks into new discs; pack the bearings with grease; mount the wheels, nose washers, and clamping nuts (note reverse thread on left side); replace the calipers and brake lines; bleed the brakes.

I expected rebuilt calipers to have the correct piston alignment (for the piston retaining plates to fit), but they did not. I called Larry on this: Larry says he doesn't know why the guy who rebuilds calipers does this, you just have to rotate them. Use a screwdriver and mallet.

Removing the grease caps was difficult. Use the claw end of a hammer.

Step 5 (front brakes) is complete. I washed the car.

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