Saturday, July 7, 2007

Re: Test drive (brakes working)

I flushed the brakes with ATE superblue DOT 4 brake fluid. The Haynes manual reads (ch 8.14),

"1. Bleeding the braking system is not a routine maintenance task, but is necessary if any part of the hydraulic system has been disconnected...

"2. To commence the bleeding operation, first locate the bleed nipples. The rear ones are on the inner side of the calipers...

"6. A second person is needed to operate the brake pedal at your instruction. The pedal should be depressed smartly one full stroke to the floor and allowed to return slowly. This should be repeated until no more bubbles emerge from the tube in the jar. Smart operation of the pedal ensures that the air is forced along the pipe rather than by-passed. Keep a watch on the level of fluid in the reservoir. If it gets too low it will let air into the master cylinder and then you will have to bleed all four wheels...

"8 Repeat the procedure for the left rear, left front and right front wheels, in that order..."

Adjust rear pads to 0.008" before bleeding and again after. I'm glad to have the new 10mm inside-rear adjuster retaining screws, because 4mm hex wrenches are difficult to find in the right length (to pass through the trailing-arm access hole but not hit the exhaust pipe on the other side) and because as Larry at HPH says, "brake adjusters are worth their weight in gold". Probably exaggeration, but that's why they sell rebuilt calipers w/o adjusters and I can easily see losing one as you retract the adjuster. Reinstall pad retaining springs ("anti-rattle springs"). Double check brake lines for leaks. Thanks to Neal for the smart pedal work, the brakes are bled and feel mighty good. Thanks to the guys at Workingman's Headquarters for the used tools (second set of jack stands: $15, finding the proper flare-nut wrenches in stock: $_).

(26th St, Bryant St, Precita Ave, Alabama St, Bernal Heights Blvd, Folsom St, Precita Ave, Alabama St, 26th St.)

Still AWESOME. Still stalls when the engine is hot, so a cross-town drive is difficult.

(26th St, Florida St, So Van Ness, 15th St, Divisadero St, Oak St, park, Octavia St, US 101 South, Cesar Chavez St, Alabama St, 26th St.)

Good thing, the parking brake now works. Step 2 is complete.

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