Thursday, July 12, 2007

Step 4: Get a cup holder

Ways to spend five dollars:

Drive 4 blocks to the coffee shop.
Circle the block.
Park on Shotwell St.
(Two winos admire the car.)
Buy $3.25 coffee at Philz .
Tip the flirty barista $0.75.
Winos ask for $2, give them $1.
Drive 3 blocks back.
Spill coffee.
Park car.

Step 4: Get a cup holder (and clean the carpet).


Margaryta said...

that's an awesome way to spend $5, but you forgot to explain how you magically turned it into $6 :P Or did you just give one of the winos $1, you cheap bastard?

jmacd said...

Yes, I only gave one of them my dollar.

tracy said...

Dude, I had the best time in the back seat. Oh wait, that was the hood!!!!